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The Introvert Teacher: Be an Effective, Empowered Educator

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    The Introvert Teacher shows you how to teach effectively by understanding and relating to your learners. Become an engaging presenter able to effortlessly hold and direct attention. Learn how to put a great teaching session together and execute it well so that you can take that wealth of wisdom within you and help others make sense of it.

    Teaching is a skill and all skills can be mastered. If you are an introvert, you have strengths that make you an especially powerful teacher. The key to this power is in you recognising your abilities and embracing yourself for who you are. Let this book show you how.

  • Remus Zhong, Singaporean born and bred, loves to ruminate over nuggets of wisdom and chunks of knowledge he gathers from books. From this lifelong habit, he has learned to form coherent ideas from disparate bits of information, a skill that has served him well as an educator, author, and speaker.

    Once a student of Singapore’s world-class education system, Remus recalls the struggles he faced with lesson concepts that he could not figure out. Through experience and observation, he now recognizes that once a subject is perceived to be confusing, it becomes distasteful to the learner. As an educator specializing in English, Biology and Chemistry, he strives to present his topics to his learners in a manner that is clear and easy to grasp.

ISBN: 9781772041545
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 376
Year Published: 2017