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The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook: Delicious Oil Free Recipes from Skilled Chefs and Global Nutrition Experts

Publisher: Straits Times Press
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  • Trying to eat healthier for your heart? This cookbook leads the way. Written by a professional nutrition consultant and based on the groundbreaking research of Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr from world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook provides tested, detailed recipes by skilled chefs and global nutrition experts. They enable you to eat right for your heart while enjoying a wide range of tasty dishes.

  • Mayura Mohta is a Singapore based nutrition consultant and health writer. She is a qualified fitness and wellness coach and has an academic background in biochemistry, microbiology and nutritional science. She believes in prevention and reversal of disease through a plant based diet. In 2010, she founded Healthfriend, a social enterprise that combines her love for health and fitness with her desire to contribute to community welfare.

    George Jacobs has been president of Vegetarian Society (Singapore) since 2003 and a vegetarian since 1980. He helped to write the New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook.

ISBN: 9789814342292
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 118
Year Published: 2013
Size: 225mm x 205mm (P)
Language: English