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The Good, the Bad and the PSLE

Publisher: Epigram Books

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Monica Lim

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To succeed in life, you must top your class, get Band One for school tests, and obtain four A stars for the PSLE. Or at least, that is the world according to Ling, a typical Singaporean mum who has made it her goal in life to help her children succeed in school. Ling’s older daughter, April, has all the makings of a model student and looks set to ace the Primary Six national exams. In the meantime, Ling’s younger son, Noah, is free-spirited and more interested in canteen food than what goes on in class.

This (almost) kiasu mum records her journey diary-style, describing hilarious episodes involving crazy worksheets, assessment book overload and jittery parent-teacher meetings. Ling’s humorous take on surviving Singapore schools will have you laughing and give you serious food for thought, all at the same time!

“A light-hearted romp through the three years in the life of a mother, Ling, and her two children, both at primary school...[Monica Lim's] rebellious take on schooling is her crowning glory.”
Clara Chow, South China Morning Post

“Quintessential Singapore experience told with humor, candour and no compunction. A delightful read, especially at night. You will go to bed knowing you are not alone.”
—Diana Ser, Managing Director, Diana Ser Communications

“This is an honest and endearing story about the trials of a mum with primary school-going children. I finished it in one sitting because the book had me laughing out loud at so many points. It was as funny as it was touching. I enjoyed it thoroughly because I could see myself and my kids behaving in the exact same way.”
—Jane Ng, correspondent, The Sunday Times

“This book should carry a warning: do not read where you cannot collapse in giggles! It is a hilarious first-hand account of competitive parenting in Singapore, full of laugh-out-loud moments; and animated by a mixture of exasperation, selfflagellation and tenderness that will resonate with parents, teachers and all who love and care for children. A delicious, delightful read.”
—Tisa Ho (Ng), Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival and Board Member, Hong Kong International Literary Festival

“A very entertaining read for all local parents and parents-to-be”

“If you’re interested to read about the experience of a parent with school-going children in Singapore, do pick this up. It is a light read with not-so-light underlying issues.”
— Sadidah, National Library Board librarian

About the Author
Monica Lim is a writer but the boring, corporate kind. She runs her own business which writes serious stuff for companies and organisations. She also writes a blog on kids and education, where many of the stories in this book first appeared. She lives in a typical Singaporean neighbourhood with her two teenage children, one husband, his mother and no dog. Her son has a pet snail that is slimy and disgusting. This is her first book.

ISBN: 9789810765996
Format: Paperback
Size: 130 x 200mm
Pages: 208pp
Published: October 2013

ISBN: 9789810765996