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The Fish Book

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    Ernest Goh’s close encounters with these creatures of the slimy-scaly kind began in the longkangs around the Siglap kampong where he spent much of his early childhood. Armed with nothing but empty milk tins and his bare hands, he scooped up whatever went past — tadpoles, guppies and the occasional frog.Prized possessions they were then. Today, fish continue to fascinate millions of hobbyists worldwide, turning Singapore into the world’s ornamental fish capital. (The island accounts for 24 per cent of world export and over 40 per cent of the Asian market.)In this book, 38 varieties of fish and aquarium creatures that have charmed enthusiasts all over the globe — including the Red Bubble Eye, Shovelnose Catfish and Albino Clawed Frog — are shown in colourful, close-up glory. Surprising, whimsical and always fascinating, The Fish Book is master photographer Ernest Goh’s first book. It is also his homage to the humble longkang fish for ensuring his childhood world went beyond late-afternoon cartoons and school textbooks. 

  • “Ernest Goh has successfully married his obsession for ornamental fish and his love for photography. The result of this happy union of passions is this beautiful book.”
    —from the introduction by Kenny “The Fish” Yap, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Qian Hu

    “From the grinning Flowerhorn Cichlid on the cover to the rogueish tiptoeing Rainbow Crab and the swirling Siamese Fighting Fish, Ernest Goh has captured not just the stunning beauty of the water critters, but their personalities.”

    “They take on an almost human-like appearance, such as the Flowerhorn Cichlid or Luo Han fish on the cover of his book which seems to be smirking with its thick red lips and bulbous eyes.”
    —Cheryl Faith WeeThe Straits Times 

  • Ernest Goh’s passion for animals was nurtured as a young boy wading in the streams of his grandmother’s kampong looking for fishes. He considers his passion for animals a natural extension of his interest in photographing the human condition. In The Fish Book (Wee Editions, 2011) he presented a whimsical study of the ornamental fish in SIingapore. In 2013, he won the second prize in the Nature & Wildlife category at the Sony World Photography Awards for his portraits of fowls. He is now the creative director of The Animal Book Co., an outfit that focuses on animal appreciation.

ISBN: 9789810883607
Cover Type: Hard cover
Page Count: 160
Year Published: 2011
Size: 250mm x 175mm