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Sweet Braised Duck

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  • Kuang was five years old when he first arrived in Singapore from Shantou, China. Reunited with his abusive good-for-nothing grandfather and a new step-grandmother, Kuang and his parents struggled to live with dignity while battling poverty. When he became the eldest brother to seven siblings, greater responsibilities weighed on his shoulders. He gave up his education and worked as a fish porridge hawker assistant to help the family make ends meet. Twists and turns in his life eventually brought him back to his hometown cuisine. How did he derive a unique recipe of his own? How did he realise his dream of becoming a successful Teochew braised duck rice seller?

  • Chew Ngee Tan was born and raised in Singapore with a love for reading and writing. She graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Sociology. She completed a Master's degree in Liberal Studies at Rice University in Texas, USA, after working as an English Language and Social Studies educator in Singapore for a few years. Always intrigued by her own and others' experiences, historical events, and nature, she is now a writer who creates stories to capture the beauty of being human and the interconnectedness of life. Sweet Braised Duck is her first novel.

Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 312
Year Published: 2023