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Southeast of Now Vol. 4, No.1

Publisher: NUS Press
  • Articles
  • Roundtable
  • Responses
  • Contributions by Sarena Abdullah, Anna Koshcheeva, Elly Kent, Yin Ker, Thanavi Chotpradit, Stanley O'Connor, Simon Soon, Roger Nelson, Patrick Campos, Nora Annesley Taylor, Muliyadi Mahamood, Lawrence Chua, John N. Miksic, John Clark, Jeffrey Say, Imran bin Tajudeen, Eksuda Singhalampong, Chaitanya Sambrani, Basilio Esteban Villaruz, Astri Wright, Kaja Mcgowan and Philippa Lovatt.

    The 1980s as (an Attempt in) the Decolonialization of Malaysian Art
    Sarena Abdullah

    Neo-Traditional Art of Post-Socialist Laos: The Entangled Temporality of the Mother-Land
    Anna Koshcheeva

    Critical Recycling: Post-Consumer Waste as Medium and Meaning in Contemporary Indonesian Art
    Elly Kent

  • Teaching the History of Modern and Contemporary Art of Southeast Asia
    Yin Ker, Thanavi Chotpradit, Stanley J. O'Connor, Simon Soon, Sarena Abdullah, Roger Nelson, Patrick F. Campos, Nora A. Taylor, Muliyadi Mahamood, Lawrence Chua, John N. Miksic, John Clark, Jeffrey Say, Imran bin Tajudeen, Eksuda Singhalampong, Chaitanya Sambrani, Basilio Esteban S. Villaruz, Astri Wright

  • Architects in the Eye of the Storm: Reflections on Teaching Southeast Asian Art in a University Museum
    Kaja M. Mcgowan

    (Im)material Histories and Aesthetics of Extractivism in Vietnamese Artists' Moving Image
    Philippa Lovatt

ISBN: 9789813251267
Year Published: 2020
Size: 250mm x 180 mm