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Sorption Enhanced Reaction Processes

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    Chapter 1: Introduction (8,465 KB)

    This book investigates the development of sorption enhanced reaction processes (SERPs) with detailed modelling and simulation, design and operation of units. SERPs are processes intensified by combining adsorption and reaction, reaction and membranes or reaction/adsorption/membranes in a single unit in order to overcome thermodynamic limitations of conversion in reversible reactions. The focus here is on gas phase and liquid phase processes involving different technologies, including pressure swing adsorptive reactors, membrane reactors and simulated moving bed reactors. Emphasis is also given to presenting data and practical applications of SERP products.

    Sorption Enhanced Reaction Processes provides undergraduate and graduate students of chemistry and chemical engineering, researchers and industrial engineers with a clear path towards process development of SERP, whatever the area of application.

ISBN: 9781786343567
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 364
Year Published: 2017