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Silicon Singapore

Publisher: Basheer/ NUS
  • Description
  • This book aims to offer inspiration for future design solutions for hybrid developments that will impact the transformation of industrial estates into integrated and optimised mixed-use areas. Silicon Singapore provides critical thinking regarding the current and future scenarios and traditional planning and design approaches. In essence, Silicon Singapore is a contribution to the current debates and the future perspectives on the implications of complex hybrid living-the coexistence between Living, technology, productivity, and ecology-as a way to impact the future (re)development of industrial estates into” integrated productive tEC(h)O systems”: in other words, alternative models of urbanity that unify technology and ecosystems to deliver integrated,high-density, productive, high-quality, vibrant, resilient, and sustainable urban living environments.

ISBN: 9789811438820
Cover Type: Hard cover
Page Count: 168
Year Published: 2020
Size: 170mm x 250mm