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Secrets of Singapore: Changi Airport

PART OF Secrets of Singapore SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books

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Shortlisted for the Red Dot Awards 2020-2021 (Younger Readers)

šŸŽRecommended for agesĀ 9 and above

Monica Lim and Lesley-Anne Tan
Illustrated by Elvin Ching

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InĀ Secrets of Singapore: Changi Airportļ»æ,Ā Danger Dan and Gadget Girl take to the skies!

The two superheroes find out that thereā€™s more to Changi Airport than just planes and passengers. They reveal intriguing secrets in places like the taxiways (which have nothing to do with taxis), the runways (which have nothing to do with running) and the apron (which has nothing to do with cooking). Jewel is a real gem, though.

Thatā€™s not all!

Danger Dan and Gadget Girl also discover that video game devices are used to screen baggage, that someone once lost a pet hamster in the airport and why food tastes like cardboard in a plane (hint: itā€™s not because the chefā€™s a dud).

Join Danger Dan and Gadget Girl as they clear the air by solving all the mysteries shrouding Changi Airport!Ā 

About the Authors
Lesley-AnneĀ and Monica LimĀ are a mother-and-daughter writing team. They sometimes argue, like all mothers and daughters do, but they are able to work together because they have many thing in common ā€“ such as their love for writing, eating and sleeping (not necessarily in that order). They have spoken at many schools and festivals because they love meeting Danger Dan fans.

About the Illustrator
Elvin ChingĀ works as an illustrator and storyboard artist in Singapore. He is the illustrator ofĀ all the Danger Dan and Gadget Girl books and three of the fourĀ Secrets of SingaporeĀ series ā€“ his cover forĀ Secrets of Singapore: National MuseumĀ won best children's book cover at the Popular Reader's Choice Awards 2017. His short stories have been published in the Eisner-nominated comics anthologyĀ Liquid City. He has also illustrated trading cards for Marvel, comics for theĀ PanguĀ series of books by Martha Keswick.

ISBN:Ā 9789814785648
Format:Ā Paperback
Size:Ā 140Ā x 215mm
Pages:Ā 144pp
ļ»æPublished:ļ»æĀ April 2019