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Scrupulous, Thorough, Fearless: The CPIB Story

  • Description
  • Scrupulous, Thorough, Fearless — The CPIB Story chronicles the journey of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) from its beginnings to the present. The narrative contained within the pages of this book contextualises the role of the Bureau in Singapore's nation-building journey. The creation of the Bureau and its history and heritage are closely intertwined with the birth and history of Singapore.

    It starts by providing an account of how corruption had become so prevalent in pre-war Singapore. The experiences of war, characterised by extreme shortages, hunger and privation, provided further impetus for many to resort to corrupt ways to get what they needed and coveted in the post-war period. This Bureau was established to clean up the corruption of the day, an endeavour which contributed to the birth of a strong nation whose people shared a common ethos of integrity. Singapore's reputation for being corruption-free has since been one of the pillars of the nation's economic success.

ISBN: 9789811262715 (Hardback), 9789811267239 (Paperbck)
Cover Type: Hardback
Year Published: 2022