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Sang Nila Utama & Tun Seri Lanang: Singapore’s Last Malay Schools

Publisher: Helang Books
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  • As Singapore crossed into the 21st century, the education system had to evolve, moving in tandem with the changing needs of society, shifting attitudes, new mindsets and focus. With technological advancements, school infrastructure has been enhanced and redeveloped. Although many of our pre-independence schools are no more, the lived experiences of pupils who call them alma mater are by no means easily erased or diminished. Two of these schools were named in honour of Southeast Asia’s historic personalities: Sang Nila Utama (the founder of Singapura) and Tun Seri Lanang (Grand Vizier and literary figure). These premier secondary schools paved the way for pupils in the Malay stream to pursue a fulfilling secondary education, something which they would not otherwise have been able to do for want of resources. In fact, these schools were so outstanding that they attracted top students from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei to study in Singapore. This is the story of Singapore’s last Malay schools.

  • Hidayah Amin had her first short story published when she was 11 years old. It was only when she lost her childhood home that she resumed writing and published Gedung Kuning in 2010. She has since written four non-fiction books (Malay Weddings Don’t Cost $50; Kampung Tempe; Bahasa) and three children’s books, including the award-winning The Mango Tree. (Mina Meets CambridgeMy Name is Mikhail: I have cerebral palsy). 

    One of the unique formats of her children’s books is the use of the dyslexie font which is suitable for readers with dyslexia. She has also published a series of books that come in Braille to cater to the needs of the visually impaired. In 2017, she has also published for other authors such as The Rain Tree by Lee Seow Ser, and My Name is Nadia: I have Autism by Huda Patel.

ISBN: 9789811432989
Cover Type: Hardback
Page Count: 272
Year Published: 2021