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Robozonic: Into the Goal! (book 3)

Publisher: Bubbly Books

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  • During assembly, a cockroach scurries in, wreaking havoc! Amid the frenzy, Mabel loses Robozonic! The boy who picks it up refuses to return it to her unless she wins a soccer challenge. How is she going to solve the mystery of the cockroaches, prepare for the upcoming school tests and win the soccer challenge?

  • Caline Tan was an English teacher with the Ministry of Education for 10 years. Even though she left teaching to spend more time with her children, she hopes to stay connected with children through her Robozonic series of children's books. Caline's concern for the environment comes through in her books, which contain a strong conservation message. Her books also contain "robodictor" bubbles which explain the difficult words in the story.

ISBN: 9789810736453
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 124
Year Published: 2012