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Quantum States and Scattering in Semiconductor Nanostructures

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    Foreword (55 KB)
    Chapter I.1: Schrödinger Equation (214 KB)
    Chapter II.1: Background on Heterostructures (214 KB)
    Chapter II.4: Screening at the Semi-classical Approximation (214 KB)

    This book is an introduction to quantum states and of their scattering in semiconductor nanostructures. Written with exercises and detailed solutions, it is designed to enable readers to start modelling actual electron states and scattering in nanostructures. It first looks at practical aspects of quantum states and emphasises the variational and perturbation approaches. Following this there is analysis of quasi two-dimensional materials, including discussion of the eigenstates of nanostructures, scattering mechanisms and their numerical results.

    Focussing on practical applications, this book moves away from standard discourse on theory and provides students of physics, nanotechnology and materials science with the opportunity to fully understand the electronic properties of nanostructures.

ISBN: 9781786343017 (Hardcover)
Cover Type: Hardcover, Paperback
Page Count: 448
Year Published: 2017