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People of the Pear Tree

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  • In People of the Pear Tree, Rex Shelley weaves two love stories of Eurasians in the torrid, tropical heat again the background of Japanese-occupied Singapore and Malaya during World War II, spicing his narrative with humour, intrigue and the ring of guerrilla gunshots on the fringes of the Malayan jungle.

    People of the Pear Tree is about people reacting to the disruptions and the brutality of war, clinging to traditions, family ties, finding outlets of love and passionate sex as starvation, malaria, dysentery, torture and death stalk them; of courage in battle and of gentle tenderness, sentimentality, and racial prejudices.

  • Rex Shelley was a Eurasian Singaporean author who belonged to the generation of Singaporeans that has seen the last vestiges of the colonial raj, lived through the Pacific War and the Japanese Occupation, and experienced the trials and uncertainty during the turbulent struggle for independence and the radical changes following it.

    He has published a total of eight books, five of which won prizes; a fiction quartet of four books with background of the Eurasians in Singapore, three books on Japan and the Japanese and one humorous book on Singlish. He was awarded the Public Service Star in 1978 and Public Service Star (Bar) in 1989.

ISBN: 9789814346245
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 272
Year Published: 2011