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Once Upon A Time in Little India

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  • (This catalogue is published to document the exhibition Once Upon a Time in Little India held at the Indian Heritage Centre from October 2016 – July 2017) Across the world, the epithet “Little India” has come to connote an enclave or a microcosm with a concentration of Indian and South Asian communities. It is a locale that mirrors the cultural diversity of the migrant community; a focal point for immigrants in search of kinsmen and communal interaction; and a symbol of transnational identity and ethnic consciousness. 
Once Upon a Time in Little India tells the story of Singapore’s Little India through historical and contemporary lenses, and draws parallels with diasporic settlements across the globe. Recreating moments past and present, this exhibition presents an appealing and arresting mix of historical artefacts and contemporary art installations by Leading artist Kumari Nahappan, K.Rajagopal and Navin Rawanchaikul.

ISBN: 9789811414688
Cover Type: Hardback
Year Published: 2019