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Notes for the Future, Green Zeng: A Review 2010-2020

Publisher: Green Zeng
  • Description
  • In 2010, Green Zeng made a return to art-making after a long hiatus. Since then, he has created a variety of original and thought-provoking works, most notably the series entitled Malayan Exchange, An Exile Revisits The City, Chinese School Lessons, Shifting Dioramas and Television Confessions. His practice explores issues of historiography and identity; the history of student activism; the left and communism; political detainees and exiles in Singapore; and the connection between the archives, the state and the individual. This book celebrates reaching the 10-year milestone of his practice and consolidates his works from 2010-2020. It also includes essays by writers, curators and friends, which offer critical and personal insights into the artist’s thoughts, influences and work process. Contrary to a review being one of looking back, Notes for the Future is a reminder of how forward-looking Green Zeng’s work has always been, and how engaging with it moves us into the future.

ISBN: 9789811800726
Page Count: 158
Year Published: 2021
Size: 180mm x 240mm