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NerdBaker Bundle

Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • NerdBaker
  • NerdBaker 2
  • About the Author
  • Get the NerdBaker and The Way of Kueh Bundle here!

    Look inside NerdBaker

    Food writer and cooking teacher Christopher Tan busts the world of home baking wide open, with unique recipes, stories and detailed knead-to-know advice from the deepest corners of a true oven nerd’s mind. Explore over 60 breads, cakes, cookies and dishes inspired by his life, travels and food obsessions. Geek out with him over ‘intelligent’ black rice cake, homemade Pocky, the tangled histories of puff pastry and a breathtaking luncheon meat extravaganza. Learn how to make Banhmiclairs, smoked cloud cookies, bundt cake with built-in frosting and much more. Follow the NerdBaker through the oven door into a whole new baking dimension.

  • Get the NerdBaker and The Way of Kueh Bundle here!

    The NerdBaker returns with more unique bakes for all.

    Best-selling food writer and cooking instructor Christopher Tan is back with a bang following the triumph of NerdBaker. From familiar favourites such as butterfly fritters and youtiao to special-occasion bakes like Pandan Kaya Butterkuchen and Durian Tropezienne, Tales from the Yeast Indies blends fun and sophistication in baking. Featuring over 60 recipes written in a quirky yet detailed manner, this is perfect for bakers of all backgrounds.

  • Writer, photographer, speaker and cooking instructor Christopher Tan has contributed to local and international publications for twenty-five years. He has given talks and demonstrations on food, heritage and culture in Singapore, Australia, America and France. His most recent cookbook, The Way of Kueh, was dubbed Best Illustrated Non-Fiction Book and also Book of the Year at the 2020 Singapore Book Awards.

Cover Type: Paperback
Size: 250mm x 190mm
Language: English