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Myth of the Stone: 20th Anniversary Edition

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    A curious young boy opens a door and is thrust into the Architrave, a fantastical, fractured world upheld by four Columns. Arriving as the Great Gateway War draws to a start, Li-Hsu must fight bravely alongside a host of strange creatures in order to find his way back home.

    Gwee Li Sui’s Myth of the Stone, first published in 1993, is an endearing tale of one unlikely hero’s journey through an unfamiliar landscape. Epigram Books presents a 20th Anniversary Edition of Singapore’s first full-length graphic novel in English, with improved art and bonus features including notes from the author and new short stories that further explore the magical world of the Architrave.

  • “This is a wondrous revisitation of an original, literary and artful tale. Gwee Li Sui is a spell-wright at the height of his imaginative powers.”
    —Aaron Lee, poet and 2008 Singapore Literature Prize finalist

    “To find this book is like discovering a four-leaf clover in the grass. Reading Myth made me realise the Muses do not discriminate among nationalities when they strike.”
    —Wena Poon, author of Alex y Robert 

    Dr Gwee has created a protagonist whose experiences demostrate to us the importance having faith in oneself to carry on with a daunting task even as the prospects and outcome may seem should totally buy [Myth of the Stone] before it goes out of stock.
    The Sick Romantic 

  • Born in 1970, Gwee Li Sui is a former academic who now labours in the arts as a poet, writer, editor, literary critic, and graphic artist. He wrote Singapore’s first long-form graphic novel, Myth of the Stone, back in 1993 and has five books of verse to date. Gwee continues to teach at various institutions and universities. He is a popular speaker at schools and festivals and is often sought for his opinions on literature, language, and religion. He has also been on the evaluation panels of many local and international writing awards.

ISBN: 9789810766160
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 144
Year Published: 2013
Size: 255mm x 170mm