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Miss Cassidy and Madam Ingram Bundle

Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • The Formidable Miss Cassidy

    Co-Winner of the 2021 Epigram Books Fiction Prize
    Winner of Singapore Book Awards 2022 (Best Literary Work)

    In 1890s Singapore, the formidable Miss Leda Cassidy arrives as paid companion to Sarah Jane Bendemeer, whose family suffers under the thrall of Southeast Asia's most terrifying hantu. But there's more to Miss Cassidy than meets the eye, and she's faced down worse in her life than a pontianak.

    However, she may have met her match in the indefatigable businessman, Mr Kay Wing Tong, whose large and constantly-growing family clearly requires female supervision—especially of the particular kind Miss Cassidy can provide. Ill omens and strange happenings surround Mr Kay and his colourful family, and Miss Cassidy must find a way to defend the ones she has learned to love.

    The Enigmatic Madam Ingram

    Finalist for the 2023 Epigram Books Fiction Prize

    In this exciting sequel to the multi-award-winning novel, The Formidable Miss Cassidy, Letty Ingram, a half-Malayan lady raised in the UK, has suffered under a strange curse her whole life. Her beautiful and fearsome mother, from an unknown island in the Malay Archipelago, is the key to the mystery. Letty arrives in Singapore in 1906 to seek the help of the Chinese medium, Madam Kay. But Madam Kay’s whole family gets involved, including her sister, her father…and their unusual mutual friend, the formidable Miss Cassidy.

    Author Meihan Boey illustrates the lengths Letty will go to in order to save her own soul, and reveals how Miss Cassidy’s past has caught up with her, in the shape of a worthy opponent: a terrifying jungle spirit the native folk call the Bungadarah.

  • Praise for The Enigmatic Madam Ingram

    “A gripping and accomplished intertwining of mythology, battling Asian immortals and the eternal fight between good and evil. An ambitious and extraordinary book that sweeps you into its intricate world, riveting you there until the last page. Meihan Boey is a talent to watch.”
    –Meira Chand, internationally bestselling author of A Different Sky

    “Meihan Boey delights once again with a work that weaves together different mystical and supernatural threads in a wondrous and intriguing tale of cross-cultural historical/psychological mystery full of high jinks, misleads and cross-dimensional travel. The Enigmatic Madam Ingram unravels the nature of our spiritual and supernatural beliefs, and how they might draw from the same spring water, even as the petals of the flowers they sprout bear different shapes and colours.”
    –Nuraliah Norasid, award-winning author of The Gatekeeper

  • Meihan Boey is the author of The Formidable Miss Cassidy (co-winner of the 2021 Epigram Books Fiction Prize and winner of the 2022 Singapore Book Award for Best Literary Work), and science-fiction novella The Messiah Virus. She is also the vice president of the Association of Comic Artists of Singapore and has scripted several comics, including Supacross and The Once and Marvellous DKD. She is a dedicated comic book and manga fan, an enthusiastic gamer, a persistent triathlete, and not yet a Super Saiyan, though she keeps trying.

Cover Type: Paperback
Size: 225mm x 152mm