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学前教育丛书-小可爱系列 2 (K1)


Gao Ge and Han Xian'guang

Each set contains 6 titles, 1 Audio CD and 6 pages of flashcards.

  1. Best Friends 好朋友
  2. Whale 小鲸鱼
  3. The Crying Monkeys 小猴子哭了
  4. Wind Sister 风姐姐
  5. Neighborhood 邻居
  6. The Cake Is Gone 蛋糕不见了

Value-Based and More:
 Pitched specially for children of ages 4 to 6 years, the “Little Sweetie Series” is really special because of the skillful way in which values, key concepts and vocabulary and beginning sentence structures are interwoven and introduced to the children.

Teacher’s Guide: The “Little Sweetie Series” is unique because every story has a teacher’s guide at the back of the book to help the teacher maximize the learning potential of that story.

Hanyu pinyin: For parents who want to learn together with their children, the hanyu pinyin is purposely put at the back of the book so that they are a help to the parents, but at the same time, does not distract the child.

Flashcards: Every pack of 6 titles contains 6 sheets of flashcard words, which can be used to reinforce the vocabulary introduced in the story.

Audio CD: The story is read by a child, very important for your own children to identify with and to aspire to reach that level of proficiency.

ISBN: 9789812229632
Format: Paperback + CD
Contents: 16 pages/book 
Size: 177mm x 177mm
Published: 2010

ISBN: 9789812229632
Language: Chinese