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Kingdom of Blood and Gold

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  • Five Elementals. A fallen kingdom. One survivor to restore it.

    Following the events of last winter, Desert Rose flees the Oasis Kingdom with the rogue prince Wei,
    his mother, and a newfound magical power in tow. When she learns that her father’s soul is trapped in the Darklands and can only be freed if the prophesied Elemental finds the spring, Desert Rose sets out to eliminate the other Elementals-starting with the one found in Oasis Kingdom’s biggest enemy, Lettoria. Meanwhile, in the Oasis Kingdom, newly crowned emperor Meng finds his position jeopardised by the return of his older brother, the exiled Prince Han. To secure the throne (and his life), he travels to Lettoria with his secret assassin Windshadow and proposes an alliance.
    As their fates cross again, Desert Rose and Windshadow must join hands to defeat the Metal Elemental while Wei and Meng collude to restore the kingdom-and home-they left behind. But when Lettoria and Oasis Kingdom finally clash in a long-brewing war, Han reveals his dark ambition and a secret weapon that will unmake the kingdom and threaten the fates of all involved . . . a weapon that only an Elemental can destroy.

  • Joyce Chua graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in English and her contemporary YA novel, LAMBS FOR DINNER, was published by the Straits Times Press in 2013 as part of a nationwide competition. She lives in the perennially sunny island-city of Singapore, where she co-runs and publishes her short stories at Muse in Pocket, Pen in Hand and blogs at The Writes of Passage in between writing her next novel and dreaming about mythical worlds.

ISBN: 9789815058789
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 264
Year Published: 2023