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Justice Bao: The Case of the Missing Coins

PART OF Asia's Lost Legends SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • ūüéĀRecommended for ages 3 and above

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    Renowned for his wisdom and sense of fairness, Justice Bao was a high-ranking magistrate during the Song dynasty in ancient China. In The Case of the Missing Coins, Justice Bao as to decide what to do when a merchant accuses a woodcutter of stealing his money. Should he take the word of the well-dressed merchant or believe the shabby woodcutter who can barely speak for himself?

  • Veteran author, editor and publisher,¬†Catherine Khoo¬†is the founder and director of Janus Education, Singapore‚Äôs first boutique publisher of imprints for under-18s, by under-18s. She was editor-in-chief of¬†Asia 21, the only Asian publication that has been selected by the Ministry of Education as essential reading for their Humanities syllabus. Catherine is also the creator behind the¬†Savvy¬†series, having published two bestselling books:¬†Singapore Savvy: 50 Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow¬†and¬†Malaysia Savvy: Top Profiles in Management. She is also the author of¬†Love Notes and Golden Legends, a collection of legends from around the world, and the¬†Asia‚Äôs Lost Legends¬†series.

    Chen Ziyue, also known as Angeline Chen, is an illustrator and designer whose works have appeared on posters, book covers and in art shows. She is currently based in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

ISBN: 9789810758103
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 32
Year Published: 2013
Size: 260mm x 210mm (P)