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寻找诗 (In Search of Poetry)

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  • Shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize 2020 (Chinese, Poetry)


    This is the author's third poetry series, and it includes more than 60 works written since 1996. Divided chronologically into two sections, In Search of Poetry compares the characteristics and transformation of the poet's style and expression.

  • 新加坡作家协会副会长,《新华文学》总编辑,五月诗社理事。新加坡国立大学中文系硕士。著有诗集《若是有情》、《用一种回忆拼凑叫神话》、《寻找诗》以及散文集《众山围绕》、,并且主编《新加坡的99幅文学风景》(2004年)、《新马文学高铁之微型小说》(2017年)等。任驻校作家及多项创作比赛评审。1999年获国家艺术理事会颁发青年艺术奖(文学)。

    Henry Low is the Vice-President of the Singapore Association of Writers, Chief-Editor of Singapore Chinese Literature, and Council Member of May Poetry Society. He holds an MA in Chinese Studies from National University of Singapore. His published works include Love Hypothesis, Myths Recollected from Memoir Fragments, In Search of Poetry and Surrounded by the Mountains. He is Chief Editor of Singapore’s 99 Literature Landscapes and the Singapore-Malaysia Microfiction Anthology. In 1999, he was awarded NAC’s Young Artist Award (Literature).

ISBN: 9789811177330
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 101
Year Published: 2018
Language: Chinese