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Heart to Heart with Asian Leaders

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  • Heart to Heart with Asian Leaders is an intimate and insightful look at leadership issues first-hand with 28 prominent persons across politics, business, finance and academia in the region. These illustrious leaders have been specially selected for the values they represent, and how they have overcome crisis and staged comebacks against the odds.

    This book will serve as an invaluable tool for all in these challenging and fast-changing times — a resource which will profit leaders in the boardroom and living room, office and classroom.

    • The Educator of the Heart Leader (Amnuay Tapingkae)
    • The Change Leader (Chatree Duangnet)
    • The Hold-All-Things Loosely Leader (S Dhanabalan)
    • The Courageous Leader (Edward Ong)
    • The Reluctant Leader (Edwin Soeryadjaya)
    • The God-honoring Leader (Francis Yeoh)
    • The Poor Man Leader (George Ting)
    • The Versatile Leader (Ho Peng Kee)
    • The Lead-from-the-Front Leader (Hsieh Fu Hua)
    • The Impossible Dreamer Leader (Idris Jala)
    • The Life-Long Learner Leader (James Chia)
    • The Anti-Corruption Leader (Jaruvan Maintaka)
    • The Resilient Entrepreneur Leader (Jocelyn Chng)
    • The Failed Again Leader (Kim Tan)
    • The Succession Planning Leader (Lee Oi Hian)
    • The Prison to Parliament Leader (Lim Guan Eng)
    • The Responsible Builder Leader (Lim Hua Min)
    • The Future-Oriented Leader (Lim Siong Guan)
    • The Rich in Love Leader (Montree Sornpaisarn)
    • The Moral Courage Leader (Ngiam Tong Dow)
    • The Corporate Bridge-Builder Leader (Paul Chan)
    • The Constructive Engaging Leader (Paul Low)
    • The Collaborative Leader (Roland Wong)
    • The Trusted and Truth-Telling Leader (Roosniati Salihin)
    • The Ipoh Housewife to Global CEO Leader (Sandra Lee)
    • The Crisis-Calming Leader (Stephen Riady)
    • The People-First Leader (Tan Cheng Bock)
    • The Value-Focused Leader (Tanri Abeng)
ISBN: 9789814663946
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 300
Year Published: 2015