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Hamra and The Jungle of Memories

Publisher: HarperCollins
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  • Courage is the strongest magic there is.

    On Hamra's thirteenth birthday, she receives nothing but endless nagging and yet another errand to run in the Langkawi jungle that looms behind her home.

    No one has remembered her special day.

    And so, stifled and angry, Hamra ignores something she shouldn’t: the rules of the jungle.

    Always ask permission before you enter. Hamra walks boldly in.

    Never take what isn’t yours. Hamra finds the most perfect jambu and picks it.

    Of course, rules exist for a reason, and soon an enormous weretiger is stalking her dreams, demanding payment for her crimes—and Hamra embarks on a quest deep into the jungle to set things right.

    For fans of Ikegna and A Tale Dark and Grimm comes a story of a brave heroine, a beguiling villain, fantastical worlds, magical adventures, and a journey that will remind you that hope, friendship, and love endures all.

  • Hanna Alkaf is a writer from Malaysia, where the legend of the pelesit originated. She is the author of the young adult novel The Weight of Our Sky , and her work has appeared in Shape , Esquire , and Marie Claire , among others. She lives in Kuala Lumpur with her family.

ISBN: 9780063207950
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 400
Year Published: 2023