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Hafiz and the Raya Recipes

Publisher: Straits Times Press
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  • Hafiz is disappointed because his parents will not be home in time for Hari Raya. He and his siblings decide to cook for their own Hari Raya feast, with their favourite dishes like ikan bakar and ayam goreng, and to invite their relatives and friends. They ask their Nenek – their grandmother – to show them how to cook, but because she cooks by sight, touch and taste, she suggests that they look for her recipes that are “somewhere around the place... stored in an old suitcase”. Hafiz manages to find the suitcase and he and his siblings are able to cook their favourite dishes for Hari Raya.

    This book is written in rhyme, which makes it enjoyable to read aloud...

  • This is one of five titles in an illustrated heritage cookbook series that aims to inspire children to discover more about the traditional dishes of the various ethnic groups in Singapore, through imaginative storylines involving kids learning about food and cooking for themselves.

ISBN: 9789814747967
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 36
Year Published: 2018
Size: 250mm x 250mm
Language: English