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Growth By Choice: Make Space for the Better You

Publisher: Write Editions
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  • When we see choice as a pen that allows us to author our own lives, then the possibilities seem endless. Every choice matters. It inextricably causes an individual to grow, stagnate or slide. Author Haresh Khoobchandani has experienced this first hand, starting out as a flight steward through to his career today as a global executive leader in the technology sector. In Growth by Choice, Khoobchandani examines the connective tissue between choice and growth. He prompts reflection on the opportunities presented to us in the moments that matter – how they unlock every person's inner genius – the talent that is revealed when we align our lives to deeply felt personal values and goals. Poignant, reposeful yet invigorating, Khoobchandani's words are bent on stirring readers to face inconvenient questions that profoundly challenge their life’s perspectives and priorities, much needed in this era of disruption. Blending compelling stories of his own and three remarkable individuals with a tried and tested growth framework, Khoobchandani yearns Growth by Choice will serve to unlock, empower and inspire you to take practical steps to put your choices in the spotlight and consciously ask: "What must I do to thrive in this constantly changing world?" Growth is an infinite, uniquely adventurous journey. Live yours!

  • "Reading this book left me with renewed vigor to live the life I want... and the belief that we all have what it takes within us to thrive in a world of change."
    —R. Scott Herren, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Cisco Systems Inc. 

    "Haresh shares how you can find your inner G to develop an Abundant Mindset to Grow. A very useful read for those who want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset."
    —Prof Inderjit Singh Dhaliwal, Entrepreneur & Professor, Nanyang Technological University

    "From the first word to the last, Haresh blends humility, vulnerability and practicality... Remember: fear is a feeling, not a fact. With this book, you can fight the fear and win."
    —Pip Marlow, CEO, Salesforce ANZ and ASEAN 

  • Haresh Khoobchandani is a senior executive in a leading global technology company. He has spent his last 25 years in the technology arena, including 19 years at Microsoft. A passionate advocate of technology and the need for transformation across both people and business in an age of exponential change, Khoobchandani has been leading teams in enabling growth and transformation in organizations to thrive in the digital age. A believer in education as a transformation enabler, he has lectured in select institutions and has spoken at multifarious platforms, including the Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit and TEDx. As a certified coach, he has coached senior executives in the areas of leadership, diversity and driving transformation in the digital age.

ISBN: 9789811841941
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 224
Year Published: 2022
Size: 210mm x 140mm