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Government in Business: Leading or Lagging?

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  • The evergreen debate over government's involvement in business continues in earnest. Participants straddle all stakeholder groups, from the state itself to the private sector to the public at large. Add to that debate increasing globalisation, and now de-globalisation, and the advent of technological advances. Criticism is often levelled at a government that is slow to act or one that belatedly introduces damning regulations. Many governments are already saddled with demands spanning mega infrastructural development to bulging fiscal deficits to evening out growth across the population. The politics of the day are however synonymous with short-termism. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the bailout burden even more. The author attempts to provide a fair assessment of the potentially complementary roles that the public and private sectors can play in a fast-changing global economy, amidst the shifting expectations of society.

  • Lim Hwee Hua retired from politics as the Singapore Second Minister for Finance and Transport in 2011 where she was heavily involved in performing the various roles of government in business. Since then, she has returned to the private sector where she continues her involvement in financial services — private equity, banking, derivatives exchange, and advises or sits on the boards of a diverse range of businesses focused on Asia. She is also the Distinguished Visiting Fellow to the National University of Singapore, at the Business School and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. She earned an MA/BA(Hons) in Mathematics/Engineering from the University of Cambridge and an MBA, major in Finance, from the Anderson School of Management, University of California at Los Angeles. Her first book Government in Business — Friend or Foe was translated into Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

ISBN: 9789811232473
Page Count: 352
Year Published: 2021