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Governing: A Singapore Perspective

Publisher: Straits Times Press
  • Description
  • Professor S. Jayakumar, a former minister, diplomat and law dean, shares his candid views on many facets of Singapore’s governance, including fascinating first-hand and behind-the-scenes accounts.

    • On Lee Kuan Yew: first-hand recollections of events revealing the founding prime minister’s working style as well as his human side.
    • On world leaders: his impressions of monarchs, prime ministers and ministers, with many of whom he developed close relations.
    • On the relationships between the Government, Ministry of Law, Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Judiciary: how they interact in actual practice.
    • On challenging legal issues, including: how Singapore should deal with issues such as the rule of law; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues; and tough penalties such as the death penalty and caning.
    • On contemporary issues, including:
    • Transition to 4G: should Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong review his handover timeline?
    • General Election 2020: what are the scenarios which the election portends for Singapore’s future?
    • Fight against COVID-19: was it a failure or a success story?
    • Reserved Election of Presidency: was it justifiable or not?
ISBN: 9789814827911
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 192
Year Published: 2020
Size: 227mm x 152mm
Language: English