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Gasing Boy

Publisher: THW Publications
  • Description
  • About the Author
  • Inspired by the traditional Malay spinning top known as the Gasing.

    John Chow is in trouble. Sent away from his cozy home in Singapore, he unwittingly enters a top-spinning competition with a champion spinner. John can hardly spin a bottle, let alone the Gasing. Does John have the determination, nerve and skill to withstand the whirlwind training? Can he emerge as the champion, a true Gasing Boy?

    The book includes a history section about the Gasing.

  • Ho Lee-Ling is an award-winning Singapore author who has written over 20 picture and chapter books for children of different ages. Lee-Ling is a former history teacher and museum educator with a passion for the history of Singapore and the region. She has a PhD in Public History and is actively involved in historical research, oral history interviews and curation of exhibitions as partner in The History Workroom. 
    Do visit to find out more about Lee-Ling.

ISBN: 9789810876579
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 92
Year Published: 2014