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Fossil Finders: Mesozoic Mission (Book 1)

PART OF Fossil Finders SERIES
Publisher: Bubbly Books
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  • Best friends Samuel and Anna are on a museum excursion to see real dinosaur fossils. For the two dino lovers, this seems exciting enough. Then, a magical collision in time awakens Norus, guardian of the exhibits. He needs Samuel and Anna to go back in time to retrieve an ammonite and an allosaurus tooth. Are they up for the challenge, even if it means putting their own lives at risk?

  • Andy Chua is a 3D Artist in an integrated company that provides training and engineering solutions around the world. He is an avid reader, web enthusiast, photographer, gamer and jogger. In his free time, he juggles between freelance design jobs, travelling and writing.

    Andy has been collecting fossils since he was 20, and now owns over 450 unique specimens! As a pioneer member of Singapore Fossil Collectors, Andy has met palaeontologists and fossil-experts from around the world, and is a guest speaker on prehistoric life and dinosaurs in schools, libraries and museums.

ISBN: 9789810914257
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 132
Year Published: 2014