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Fossil Finders: Jurassic Jeopardy (Book 5)

PART OF Fossil Finders SERIES
Publisher: Bubbly Books
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  • A rip-roaring dinosaur-packed series from Andy Chua, co-moderator of Singapore Fossil Collectors, the largest fossil and paleontology society in the country.

    Anna and Samuel are not ordinary children. They are fossil finders! Tasked to go back in time to retrieve fossils, the two children encounter dangerous dinosaurs in nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat adventures.

    Samuel and Anna are desperate. They need to meet another time dinosaur for a chance to revive Norus. 

    When they finally meet Big-T, she sends them back to the past with three impossible tasks to complete. Not only do they have to face their most ferocious enemy – a fearsome Torvosaurus – yet, they have to contend with a Vanessa who is all out to thwart their plans. 

    And then... Big-T suddenly loses all her powers... while Samuel and Anna are still stuck in the Jurassic! Who or what can help them now?

  • Andy Chua is a 3D Artist in an integrated company that provides training and engineering solutions around the world. He is an avid reader, web enthusiast, photographer, gamer and jogger. In his free time, he juggles between freelance design jobs, travelling and writing.

    Andy has been collecting fossils since he was 20, and now owns over 450 unique specimens! As a pioneer member of Singapore Fossil Collectors, Andy has met palaeontologists and fossil-experts from around the world, and is a guest speaker on prehistoric life and dinosaurs in schools, libraries and museums.

ISBN: 9789811475696
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 160