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Publisher: Epigram Books

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“Illustrator Patrick Yee was so inspired after working with Singaporean actress Fann Wong on a children's charity in Thailand that he designed and illustrated a nearly wordless picturebook around the adventures of a girl with the same name. Also fun for adults to spot the parallels to Wong's life.”
—Akshita Nanda,The Sunday Times

🎁Recommended for ages 3 and above

Patrick Yee

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A young girl’s adventure takes a turn for the extraordinary when she helps an injured rabbit. 

Following the rabbit down a hole the next morning, she is instantly transported to a fantastical world where animals, flora and fauna live in harmony. She has a lot of fun and even rides on the back of a butterfly! 

Reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, this almost wordless picture book takes you on a journey into a magical world. Patrick Yee’s wonderful, ethereal illustrations will draw you in completely.

“When I open this book, I can feel its energy. The colourful illustrations make me smile...and I like the happy ending.
—Dennis Chew, “Auntie Lucy”, Singaporean radio deejay, actor, variety show host and singer

About the Creator:
Patrick Yee is an award-winning illustrator of more than 100 children’s books. Some of his books include A Boy Named Harry, Fann, Little Buddy, Winter Rabbit, and On Being Happy. He is most well-known in the US for his Rosie Rabbit board book series, which has sold close to 100,000 copies and been translated into five languages. He has won the Macmillan Prize for Children’s Book Illustration twice. He currently teaches at Nanyang Polytechnic, the Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts, the Spastic Children’s Association, and the AWWA Special School.

ISBN: 9789810726171
Format: Paperback
Size: 125 x 175mm
Pages: 160pp
Published: September 2014

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ISBN: 9789810726171