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Decide: The art and science of choosing wisely

  • Description
  • About the Author
    • A refreshing new approach to the subject of making good decisions which brings the art and science of decision making together
    • A book which challenges conventional wisdom on decision making
    • Guidance and advice illustrated with examples from the author’s pioneering work in building decision-making systems
    • Practical and straightforward advice written in clear and simple language

    There is no shortage of books on decision making. Books that tell you how irrational you are, how being rational is holding you back or how competing brain systems cause chaos with your ability to choose wisely. All of these make it difficult to decide how to decide.

    Decide cuts through the clutter. Part science and part practice, Decide follows Tremaine’s decade long quest to answer the question: what is a good decision and how do I make one? The answer is illustrated with examples from her pioneering work in building decision-making systems for teams up to large multinational organisations.

    Tremaine’s straight talk and use of the latest (and most reliable) research lead you on a path of discovery as you unpack your own decision-making process, plug the holes in it and learn new skills to ensure that you make the best possible decisions. Decide is an indispensable guide for individuals, teams and leaders.

  • Tremaine du Preez is a behavioural economist, author and executive coach. Before moving to London, she spent 12 years in Asia coaching and lecturing on leadership, decision science and critical thinking in MNCs and government agencies, and on MBA and undergraduate programmes. She is a doctoral researcher and faculty member of Duke University's Corporate Education Division.

ISBN: 9789814841597
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 184
Year Published: 2020