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Deadly Stakes

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  • The gamblers interviewed for this book all had one thing in common — they didn’t know what hit them. They thought they were in Casino Heaven and they, the Gods of Gambling. They thought they were invincible and would always win it all back. They thought wrong. They didn’t just lose; they got wiped out and destroyed. But they managed to claw themselves out in the most unbelievable ways — adopting sugar mummies, selling their kidneys, even resorting to black magic. But all this only led one way — to hell. For some, it led to untimely death.

  • Kaiwen Leong is an economist, entrepreneur, lecturer and academic. A graduate of Princeton University, he is currently Assistant Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University and an Associate Faculty Member at the Singapore Institute of Management. He further consults for many private sector organisations Edwin Lim has more than 23 years of international experience in the banking industry and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. He has held COO positions with top European and Asian banks, including OCBC Bank (China) Ltd., Credit Agricole (China), Calyon (Taiwan) and has worked in other international institutions.

ISBN: 9789814408332
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 318
Year Published: 2013