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Darkest Rose: The Inevitable War

Publisher: Vera Morgana
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  • Ella Desouza has never felt whole, with a magick she possesses and has no idea how she got it. When she comes in contact with a boy who she feels an immense connection with instantly, secrets begin to unravel. Her life never remained the same.

    Edmund Gilmore has always been an adventurer. He decides to take the risk of crashing uninvitedly into the Desouza’s mansion. As fate would have it, he instantly forgets the reason for climbing a wall full of thorns. Edmund falls in love with Ella. Now he must find a way to make an engaged Ella his.

    Twenty years ago, tragedy befell two destined souls.

    Unable to overcome the darkness, they surrendered to the defeat with love blossoming in their hearts. It seemed like the end for this epic love story until these two souls emerged once again in a blaze of glory.

    These souls reincarnated to fight the evil that once defeated them must find each other again. Now two different people with no idea of the life they once lived, must find each other and put an end to the darkness that once destroyed them.

    As they fall in love once again, they embark on an adventure to discover the power they possess What happens when the man behind the destruction of their first lives is closer than they could have imagined? What happens when the evil that lurks in the dark is someone that seems trustworthy?

    Magic has failed them once before…

    Will it be their liberator this time?

  • Vera Morgana grew up in Singapore since she was four. Her love for reading began when she picked up her first Nancy Drew book in her first grade. She developed a passion for writing when she saw her grandfather, who was an author himself, spending hours with his typewriter writing stories for children. This developed her interest in fairy tales and mythology. In her first year of college, she began penning Darkest Rose, among other books. Currently, she is working full time, while juggling as both a budding photographer and writer. She lives with her parents and little sister, and when she is not at work, she can usually be found in her room reading Melanie Dickerson novels or binge streaming Netflix.

ISBN: 9789811482052
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 340
Year Published: 2022
Size: 200mm x 128mm