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Compendium of In Vivo Monitoring in Real-Time Molecular Neuroscience

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  • Volume 1 of this series focused mainly on small molecules which are intrinsically electroactive. Volume 2 continues to provide current approaches to real time measurements of essential species in the central nervous system. It describes microdialysis, a sampling technique, which facilitates the removal of small volumes of solution containing the analyte(s) of interest which can be subsequently separated by chromatography and analyzed by a range of techniques. These include electrochemistry, UV-Vis spectroscopy, fluorescence and mass spectroscopy. This approach affords the opportunity to measure a range of targets in real-time thus providing access to pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics measurements affording the possibility of measuring the disappearance of a drug after administration and the subsequent appearance of metabolites. Microdialysis further affords the ability to sample peptides and proteins of neurobiological interest.

    Consistent with the goals of Volume 1, Volume 2 seeks to provide for scientists in the field of neurobiology a base of bioanalytical techniques that may not be familiar to them. Specific examples are provided and the fundamental basis of the technique is also covered.

  • George S Wilson is Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Emeritus at the University of Kansas. He carried out his undergraduate work at Princeton University and gained his PhD at the University of Illinois (1964) under the direction of Arnold M Hartley. Professor Wilson's research interests are in the area of bioanalytical and bioelectrochemistry.

    Adrian C Michael is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. He was an undergraduate and graduate student at Emory University. He began his career in neuroscience as an undergraduate in his Dad's (Prof. Richard Phillip Michael, 1924–2014) laboratory in the Emory University School of Medicine.

ISBN: 9789813220539
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 424
Year Published: 2017