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Cigarette Girl

Publisher: Monsoon Books
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  • Cigarette Girl is a story about love and the main characters’ search for their own identity. But it is also more; told against the backdrop of M Town, Kudus and Jakarta, from the time of Dutch Occupation through independence and beyond, Cigarette Girl introduces the reader to the history of the clove cigarette industry in Indonesia—which is rich and complex like the fragrance of tobacco, and laden with the aroma of love. 

  • Ratih Kumala was born in Jakarta in 1980. She works as a freelance screenwriter for television and has published five novels and one short story book to date. Gadis Kretek (2012) takes up her own cultural Javanese background.

ISBN: 9789814625470
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 388
Year Published: 2016