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Beverly and the Peranakan Feast

Publisher: Straits Times Press
  • Description
  • About the Series
  • The story starts when a little girl called Beverly coming across her mother weeping in the kitchen because a Nonya dish she is trying to cook is not coming out right. Beverly telephones her grandmother and asks her to come over to help. Together, the three of them cook up a number of special dishes, such as pong tauhu (meatball soup), for a party.

    Along the way, Beverly learns more about special Peranakan dishes, some traditional tools used, such as the batu lesong (mortar and pestle), and traditions such as the tok panjang, or a sumptuous Peranakan feast.

  • This is one of five titles in an illustrated heritage cookbook series that aims to inspire children to discover more about the traditional dishes of the various ethnic groups in Singapore, through imaginative storylines involving kids learning about food and cooking for themselves.

ISBN: 9789814747943
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 36
Year Published: 2018
Size: 250mm x 250mm
Language: English