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Between the Bay of Bengal and the Java Sea

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  • The peoples of Southeast Asia have a long history of cultural commonalities. From Sumatra to Vietnam, the inhabitants built wooden houses on poles whether they lived in flooded coastal plains or in the highlands. Their diet consisted mainly of rice and fish. They believed in common folk deities such as the rice-spirit. They chewed betel and engaged in pastimes such as cockfighting and sepak takraw.

  • Mariana Isa and Maganjeet Kaur are independent researchers in Southeast Asian history. Together they founded Heritage Output Laboratory, which provides research-based services to organisations and individuals for print, audio and film projects. As heritage enthusiasts, they are actively involved in organising activities to promote the history and heritage of the region. Their first book, Kuala Lumpur Street Names: A Guide to their Meanings and Histories, was published by Marshall Cavendish Editions in 2015.

ISBN: 9789814779272
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 256
Year Published: 2020