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Behind The Scenes Of The Property Market: Finding the Truths and Exposing the Lies of a Not-So-Transparent Industry

By: Vina Ip
Publisher: Vina Ip
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  • With no vested interest in the real estate industry, the author has the autonomy to cover property topics that matter to homebuyers and investors. This book is a neutral and unbiased sharing of what she saw the industry players, including the developers, agents, banks, analysts, media and government, actually doing in the market.

    It starts with telling 11 common ways people lose money in private home purchase, and how fellow buyers can avoid repeating the same mistakes. It also unveils the lies behind all the property sales numbers, online ads, marketing schemes and scams in the industry. The author continues to demystify the conventional wisdoms, myths and fallacies in properties. She highlights the top risks faced by the developers, agents, landlords and banks, as well as the hidden dangers in supply glut and mounting debts. There is a chapter to reveal the author’s knowledge and experience of building property wealth and achieving financial freedom. The last section talks about the demographic and technological trends shaping the future of the industry. The book ends with articles on the new challenges, opportunities and gems in the property market brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Vina Ip is a property enthusiast. She bought her first condominium unit for rent in 2002. In the next four and a half years, she built up a property portfolio of five private homes. By 2008, its total value had more than doubled. After holding them for five to eight years, she sold four of them, realizing a net profit of 80 to 120 percent and an average annualized return of 10.8 percent.

    Vina started her personal blog in August 2010 to share her property views and experiences with fellow homebuyers and property investors. Over the years, her blog, Facebook page and Youtube channel have attracted a regular group of followers.

    Vina’s first book, No B.S. Guide to Property Investment – Dirty Truths and Profitable Secrets to Building Wealth Through Properties was published in April 2014. It became a bestseller in Kinokuniya and the Times Bookstore. The book is now in its fourth print run.

    In mid-2014, Vina founded Property Club Singapore to provide a neutral platform for the learning and networking of like-minded private property buyers, investors and owners. Workshops, talks and networking sessions are organised regularly for club members.

    Vina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master’s degree in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde.

ISBN: 9789811481659
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 300
Year Published: 2020
Size: 152mm X 228mm