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Agroecological Practices for Sustainable Agriculture

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  • Good agroecological practices are indispensable for the development of sustainable agriculture. In this book, principles, diversity and applications of agroecological practices for a range of systems are presented, transforming scientific research and participatory knowledge of production into practical application. It illustrates a broad range of research and teaching being used within the farming community to demonstrate best practice and current state-of-play within the field. Agroecological methods used in crop farming, grass-based livestock farming, fish production, and other complex farming systems are discussed. Conclusions are drawn from studies to provide an outlook on future trends of agroecological practices and on policies supporting implementation.

    Due to emphasis on real-life application, it is relevant not only to students of the agricultural sciences and public policy, but also to researchers, stakeholders and policy makers involved in the development of sustainable agriculture.

  • Alexander Wezel is an agroecologist and landscape ecologist, which dealt in the beginning of his career with various topics related to land use and resource conservation in the Tropics and Subtropics. In the last 10 years his research is focussed on analysing world-wide interpretations and definitions of agroecology and agroecological practices, as well as on different topics dealing with agroecosystems analysis and management. He particularly deals with the issues management of biodiversity, water quality, ecological corridors, and conservation biological control.

ISBN: 9781786343055
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 504
Year Published: 2017