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Across Conventional Lines

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  • In the course of his distinguished career spanning about half a century, George A Olah, winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, has been exceedingly prolific and has published more than 1000 scientific papers and 15 books and holds more than 100 patents. This invaluable volume contains about 250 papers selected for their breadth and current importance.

  • George A Olah received the unshared Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1994 for his contributions to carbocation chemistry. Carbocations are the most important reaction intermediates in organic chemistry. Professor Olah discovered that in superacids (acids billions of times stronger than sulfuric acid) trivalent alkyl cations, and subsequently an ever-increasing number of all possible structural types of carbocations, could be prepared as stable entities and studied by a wide variety of spectroscopic, physical and chemical methods. 

ISBN: 9789810227692
Cover Type: Hardcover Set
Page Count: 1504
Year Published: 2003