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A Nation’s Disgrace: Singapore’s Shocking Scandals

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  • Singapore is often known as a ‘clean’ country and its citizens ‘law-abiding’. However, every once in a while, the island has been shocked by an incident or a crime so unexpected and shocking, it grabs headlines and piques the interest of locals and international press alike.
    Spanning across all kinds of crimes, this collection has one thing in common – shock value. Cases covered in the book include high-profile ones like the NKF scandal, the City Harvest Church debacle, Singapore’s most-wanted terrorist, Mas Selamat, and how one man in Singapore – Nick Leeson – brought down one of the UK’s oldest financial institutions, Barings Bank. Plus, there are a few shocking murders thrown in too.
    This book is a collection for anyone interested in Singapore society, law and history, to find out more about how these cases were discovered, the law-enforcement processes that followed and what happened to the offenders after the cases ended.

  • Balvinder Sandhu has been a part of Singapore's publishing scene for 25 years. She started her career writing for newspapers, then moved on to magazines and, eventually, websites. Her career as a writer and editor has seen her take on topics in the spheres of lifestyle, entertainment, travel, business, technology, health and women's issues. In recent years, she has created content for a variety of clients too. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Law and is also the author of three books published in Singapore - Financial Fraud (2013), Foreigners Behaving Badly (2013) and Sex Crimes (2014) - which tackled crimes in Singapore that fit the theme of each book. She lives in Melbourne with her husband but goes to Singapore often to catch up with family and friends - and binge on her favourite local foods.

ISBN: 9789814954716
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 254
Year Published: 2021