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A China Doll in KL

Publisher: Monsoon Books
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  • When night falls in Kuala Lumpur, the pleasure-seekers come out. They hunger for the sleaziest indulgences the city has to offer. And they know the China dolls will give them what they want.

    Young and ambitious, Meisu has just arrived in KL, but she’s already the China doll whom all the men want to play with. She’s off to a great start at New Peng Hwa food court, flaunting her voluptuous body and using her wiles to attract customers. And it’s not long before she catches the eye of a sinister triad godfather. As she fights her way out of his clutches and uses her wits to survive in a world of easy sex, lies, deceit and sadistic customers, she finds herself stumbling through a passionate but trouble-laden love affair with an alcoholic artist. But what Meisu does not know is that a psychotic serial killer is lurking the streets of KL. He has already murdered and mutilated three China dolls. And Meisu might just be next on his list.

    As heady as a game of underground poker, and as racy as a night of debauchery in the city, this work of pulp-fiction packs pedal-to-the-floor action from start to finish.

  • Ewe Paik Leong is a Chinese-Malaysian writer and author. He earned his online BSBA from Southwest University, Kenner, LA, USA. Ewe lives in suburban Kuala Lumpur with his wife and daughter. A China Doll in KL is his second work of fiction.

ISBN: 9789814423847
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 272
Year Published: 2015