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风向鸡 李宁强的摄影诗 (Lee Leng Kiong's Photography Poetry Book)

Publisher: Superskill Graphics
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  • Shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize 2020 (Chinese, Poetry)
    Winner of the Readers' Favourite 2020 (Chinese)

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    这是作者的第一本诗集,所选一百首诗皆源于一张照片,故称摄影诗集。以诗为主, 只配四十五幅图,分五辑。辑一《站起来坐下去》写新加坡地景;辑二《顿悟》写人生感触;辑三《广角镜》以摄影角度写诗,回到写诗灵感源于摄影的初衷。辑四《火烈鸟》写“情”。辑五《遗失在蒙玛特》重现行摄各地时的心情与体验。

    In this work, the author's first poetry collection, each poem is inspired by one of his photos, giving the book its title. With 45 photos included, it highlights landscapes in Singapore and narrates the author’s inspirations through photography. It recalls the author’s experience of capturing photos in different countries.

  • 李宁强,1953年生,新加坡公民。1979南大中文系荣誉班毕业。前电视新闻及电视剧制作人,2017年国家图书馆狮城推荐作家,现从事文图创作。著有三本摄影文集,散文集《说从头》、诗集《风向鸡》、传记文学《回甘》及三本诗歌合集。

    Lee Leng Kiong was born in Singapore in 1953. In 1979, he graduated from the former Nanyang University with a BA (Honours) in Chinese, then worked as a news and drama producer. He has pursued his passion in photography and literary writing since retiring in 2008. In 2017, he was featured in the National Library Board’s SGAuthor Series. He has published three photography books, one photography poetry book, one biographical literature book, and three poetry collections.

ISBN: 9789811173264
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 184
Year Published: 2018
Language: Chinese