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Xixabangma: An Alpine Ascent of the North Ridge

Publisher: Epigram Books
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Coming from an island state without a climbing culture, Robert Goh has emerged as the finest mountaineer in Southeast Asia. Instead of guided, commercial climbing, he prefers to face the uncertainties of unguided expeditions to Himalayan big mountains. "If you're sure you can do it," he often says, "where's the challenge?"

This is the story of how he led a Singapore team to climb Mount Xixabangma's Northern Route in alpine style––without fixed ropes, pre-fixed camps or sherpa support. The planning, organisation and execution are all here in detail.

This book fills a gap in mountaineering literature which usually focuses on Western climbers. It is a must read for climbers attempting their first unsupported ascent of a 8,000er, especially Xixabangma.

“Robert Goh has written a refreshing and exciting account of climbing high with his Singapore friends. Every mountaineer and aspirant mountaineer should read this book, especially those from Asia. Here are mature reflections upon the lightweight and pure alpine style of climbing big mountains.
— Doug Scott, who made an alpine style first ascent of Xixabangma's Southest Face in 1982

ISBN: 9810515529
Format: Paperback
Size: 230 x 160mm
Pages: 168pp
Published: 2004

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