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Secrets of Singapore: National Museum

PART OF Secrets of Singapore SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • šŸŽRecommended for agesĀ 9 and above

    Winner of Best Book Cover at the Popular Reader's Choice Awards 2017Ā - English (Children) Book CategoryĀ 
    2nd PrizeĀ at the Popular Readers' ChoiceĀ AwardsĀ 2017 -Ā English (Children) Books Category

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    InĀ Secrets of Singapore: National Museum, Danger Dan and Gadget Girl take a peek behind the pillars of the National Museum to see what secrets it guards. And what a treasure trove! From way back to the time of Sang Nila Utama right up to modern day Singapore, the superhero duo unearth curious artefacts such as a headless horseman figurine from the 1300s, and banana money (not made from actual bananas) from the Japanese Occupation.

    In exploring the museum, Danger Dan and Gadget Girl discover that the museum itself hides a curious past. It was once located in a school (Raffles Institution, no less!), and some of the more unusual gifts it received included an elephant and a tiger. Luckily, they were dead. Otherwise, there would have been chaos at the museum.

    Join Danger Dan and Gadget Girl on an adventure through the National Museum and watch history come to life right before your eyes!Ā 

  • ā€œThis book is a fascinating way to engage younger readers, to interest them in the history of Singapore, and is a resource that can help them learn about Singapore in a lighthearted yet informative way. Artefacts help to connect us with the past, and I like how they are presented in this book, with captivating stories that transform them from ordinary items in the museum to meaningful things that matter to us.ā€
    ā€”Irene Wong, history teacher

    ā€œA very comprehensive and interesting recounting of Singaporeā€™s history from its earliest times, Secrets of Singapore is wonderfully written in a style that is exquisitely simple and appropriate for young readers.ā€
    ā€”Koh Boon Long, former MOE Deputy Director, National Education, and retired principal

    ā€œWhat a wonderful book to teach children (and adults) about the history of Singapore! Danger Dan and Gadget Girl deliver so much information in a fun, humorous and interesting way with lively images and information about many of the artefacts in the National Museum. Parents, teachers and students will all want to have their own copy because it brings so much life into the fascinating history of Singapore. A visit to Singapore, and the National Museum, would be incomplete without this book!ā€
    ā€”Sarah Mounsey, teacher librarian at Dulwich College and childrenā€™s book author

  • Monica Lim and Lesley-Anne TanĀ are a mother-and-daughter writing team. Monica Lim is the mother and Lesley-Anne Tan is the daughter, although sometimes their roles seem reversed. Lesley-Anne eats her veggies and occasionally has to force Monica to do the same. Sheā€™s weird that way. (ā€œNo, Iā€™m not!ā€ says Lesley-Anne). Monica runs her own writing business, has a blog on education and published a book in October 2013 entitledĀ The Good, the Bad and the PSLE. Lesley-Anne is still in school so she mostly writes essays and papers, which isnā€™t quite as fun.

    Secrets of SingaporeĀ is their third writing project together, after Danger Dan and Gadget Girl and the first Danger Dan series. The idea for the character Danny came about from their experience living with a highly imaginative little boy obsessed with superheroes and comics. If Lesley-Anne could have a super power, she would choose the ability to stop time, so that she can finish studying for her exams and writing books in no time at all. Monicaā€™s preferred super power is mind control, so that she can make Lesley-Anne stop dreaming about time freezes and get back to work.

    Elvin ChingĀ works as an illustrator and storyboard artist in Singapore. He is the illustrator of severalĀ Danger Dan and Gadget GirlĀ books and all of theĀ Secrets of SingaporeĀ series; his cover forĀ Secrets of Singapore: National MuseumĀ won best childrenā€™s book cover at the Popular Readerā€™s Choice Awards 2017. In his free time, he likes to create his own little comics. His short stories have been published in the Eisner-nominated comics anthologyĀ Liquid City. He has also illustrated trading cards for Marvel, comics for theĀ PanguĀ series of books by Martha Keswick and a comic book series written by Kelly Bender. Elvin has too many comic books at home. He has so many comics that there are some he hasnā€™t even found time to read yet!

ISBN: 9789814757645
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 152
Year Published: 2017
Size: 215mm x 140mm