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Mr Tino: Volume 2

Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • Best Book of Graphic Literature in Filipino - 35th National Book Awards in the Philippines (2015)

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    Mr Tino is out for revenge. He finds out that the mastermind behind the abductions is someone from his past and what he wants is something Mr Tino is not prepared to give.

    Mr Tino is a 66-year-old sundry store owner, a devoted husband to his dementia-stricken wife and a loving father. One evening, his wife wanders outside and nearly gets hit by a truck if not for Mr Tino’s superhuman strength that he surprisingly discovers he has. As Mr Tino comes to terms with his new powers, he learns that more children in his neighbourhood are mysteriously vanishing. Mr Tino becomes the vigilante the community desperately needs, but his crime-fighting activities attract the wrong attention, and he is sent a tragic message. In this continuation of the shocking end in volume one, Mr Tino finds out that the perpetrator is someone from his past, and what he wants is something Mr Tino is not prepared to give. Russell Molina teams up with Mikey Marchan to deliver this gripping underdog superhero story.

  • “A fitting conclusion to a Southeast Asian modern classic.”
    CT Lim country editor (Singapore) of International Journal of Comic Art

    "If Mr Tino Volume 1 was the origin story, then Volume 2 is the stunning climax and conclusion to the series. As a Filipino take on the genre, the series as a whole has given us cinematic, gripping, action-packed drama and even manages to squeeze out the feels with few words, hitting us with a barrage of emotions during the read."

    “Demolishes and reinvents the superhero genre.”
    —Esquire Philippines

  • Russell Molina is a Filipino children’s book author and graphic novelist. Some of his notable works include Titoy’s Magical ChairA Dozen Brothers and 12:01. Many of his books have been recognised in award shows such as the National Children’s Book Awards and the IBBY Honour List. 

    Mikey Marchan is the co-creator of the comic book Passing Moments, with Mikey Jimenez. Mr Tino Volume 2 is his debut in drawing superheroes.

ISBN: 9789814845946
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 144
Size: 255mm x 170mm