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The Physics of Low Dimensional Materials

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    Chapter 1: Computational Material Science (1,266 KB)

    The purpose of this book is two fold. First to explain the properties of low dimensional solids such as electronic, vibrational and magnetic structure in terms of simple models. These are used to account for the properties of three dimensional materials providing an elementary introduction to the physics of low dimensional materials. The second objective is to discuss the properties of newer low dimensional materials not made of carbon. These are now the subject of research and describe various phenomena in them such magnetism and superconductivity.

  • Contents:
    • Computational Material Science
    • Electronic Properties
    • Vibrational Properties
    • Carbon Nanotubes
    • Other Kinds of Nanotubes
    • Graphene
    • Other Low Dimensional Materials
    • Magnetism in Low Dimensional Materials
    • Superconductivity in Low Dimensional Materials
ISBN: 9789813225855
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 172
Year Published: 2017